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Here at Non Universal Nuts, we specialize in longboarding accessories for the innovative skater. We’re about being different and doing different better than anyone else. For us, longboarding isn’t just an activity, it’s a way of life. We work hard, skate hard, and wanna look good while doing it. Because it’s not enough for us to just match hats and shoes, we want our boards to have the same amount of self-expression. That’s why we chose our first product to be RADnuts and AdCap. Designed specifically with customization in mind, it features sharp graphics, a light but sturdy build, and aids in bearing protection, making it one of the most unique longboarding accessories on the market.


Product Features | RADnuts | Compatibility

RADnuts are a decorative accessory for longboards and cruisers that acts as a wheel cap and replaces the axle nuts of the trucks. It aids in bearing protection, keeps you from replacing your nuts, theft deterrence, and looks great.


Sleek, lightweight, and fashionable, RADnuts come in a set of 4 and are made from a sturdy polycarbonate plastic material. Each weighs in at just above 4 grams so it won’t weigh your skating down.

For maximum compatibility, RADnuts are designed to fit most wheels above 59mm and have been tested on more than 100 different varieties of wheels. These include Orangatang, Krypto, Cadillac, Abec 11, Sector 9, Cult, Hawgs, Seismic, and more. For the complete list, see compatibility.

Our unique graphics are sourced and designed by artists from around the world. The current first generation line features the works of young, European artists. To ensure the visibility of our images, we offer the largest amount of printable surface available with 1.4” of customizable space.

Afraid of skating hard and damaging the design? We have you covered with the innovative use of digital printing, making it extremely resistant to scratching and harsh outdoor elements.


RADnuts comes with a nut welded inside the body and screws directly onto the truck axle. A tool is required and one comes with every purchase. With 200lbs of force to pull the body from the nut, the RADnut will resist to any shocks or harsh skating and has the brawn to match its beauty.
We offer RADnuts printed with our own line of graphics (check online our standard line of RADnuts) but it can also be printed with any customer graphic or logo by contacting us.